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Google office/ MS Office Online

There are several online office suites that can be accessed through a Web browser and used on just about any computer, regardless of the operating systems being used. Two of the most popular are Google's office suite and Microsoft Office Online, and both are covered on this Website.

Google office

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and several other applications are part of Google's office suite. They were some of the first online applications. Any operating system that has a Web browser  can access the software.

Click here to learn more about Google's applications.

Microsoft Office Online

The most popular office applications in the world has been available through a Web browser for several years now. This means it is not only available to Windows and Mac users, but those running Linux on their desktops and laptops can also use Office.

The online version doesn't have all the features that the Windows and Mac versions have, but it can read Microsoft application formats perfectly.

Click here to learn more about MS Office Online.

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