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Main distros at OS-College

These operating systems will work on most hardware


This is the official version of Ubuntu with the Gnome user interface. The official derivatives, like Kubuntu, are not covered by OS-College.

Click here to visit the Ubuntu intro page on this Website.

Linux Mint

There are three official user interfaces that Linux Mint uses. Each one can be downloaded.

  • Cinnamon

  • MATE

  • XFCE

Click here to visit the introduction on Linux Mint on this Website.​


Manjaro is different from Ubuntu and Linux Mint because it is based on Arch Linux, not Debian and Ubuntu. It can run on several different ARM-processors, as well as Intel/AMD processors.

Other distros

OS-College has blog articles and some Web pages and videos about these, but it doesn't cover them as thoroughly as the above distros.


LXLE is a lightweight distro that is based on Ubuntu that is available in 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It was designed with old netbooks in mind that shipped with Windows 7 Starter and have 1 GB of RAM or less.

Zorin OS

Zorin is an operating system that uses several different popular user interfaces that can be found on Linux distros. An app allows you to quickly switch from one to another.

There are there basic versions, including a professional one that comes preinstalled with apps for creative design and engineering.


Fedora has been around for awhile. It is sponsored by Red Hat, an enterprise distro .Fedora's Website offers several versions for different purposes, including a desktop workstation. The desktop workstation is available for Intel/AMD processors as well as ARM processors.

It uses the RPM  package manager. Many software organizations make their apps available in this package on their Websites.


This distro was designed specifically for the various models of Raspberry Pi. There is also a version that works on Intel computers.


This distro has been designed to work on old Macs, PowerPCs. It is a great operating system to keep pre-Intel Macs useful, and it comes with some unique applications.

Commodore Amiga users also can find another friend with this operating system.


This distro is one of the two choices that ship with System76 computers. It is designed for creative professionals and those in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

While the operating system has been designed for System76 computers, it can run on many other machines as well.

Pop!_OS and System76 Website

Older hardware

Most of the above operating systems work well on computers that are 15 years old or younger. These distros can be tested by installing them on a USB drive and booting a computer from the drive. The USB also can be used to install the operating system.

Below is information about some old computers that work well with Linux and an application that will write the operating system to a USB drive.

Older computers that work well

Lenovo Thinkpads from about 2010 and Dell D430 and D830 computers, made around 2007, run Linux distros well. These computers  can be purchased through Ebay, Backmarket, and a few other stores. They often cost $100 or less.

Create bootable USB drive

You can download the ISO image for any of the above distros. You, however, need to install it on  a USB drive to test it. Here is an easy-to-use application, that is free of charge. It runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Click here to install Balena Etcher.

Linux preinstalled

Companies that ship computers with Linux installed

Ubuntu and one other

These companies ship computers with Ubuntu, and they may offer offer one other distro as a choice. 

Four or more distros

The companies in this list allow users to choose from at least four distros. They may also offer Windows, either by itself, installed alongside Linux, or as a virtual machine.


Companies or organizations in this category create hardware specifically for Linux, and they may ship hardware with certain distros.

However, they are more focused on the enduser installing a distro of their choice or the user telling them which distro they want preinstalled.

Windows with a side of good OS

These companies are focused on creating hardware that ships with Windows 10 or 11, but they have a few models that Linux can be preinstalled on. They also may mention on product descriptions that Linux can be installed.

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