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LibreOffice: Create documents

Integrated apps make it easy to create new documents

There are several different ways to create new documents in the LibreOffice suite. The suite's applications are integrated, so any type of document can be created from any one of the applications. Here are the different ways to create new documents:



The left column in StartCenter, the central document manager for LibreOffice, has six items for creating a new document.

  • Writer Document

  • Calc Spreadsheet

  • Impress Presentation

  • Draw Drawing

  • Math Formula

  • Base Database

Click the desired one, and the corresponding blank document will be created.


File menus/Toolbars

File menus

The File menu in the six applications and StartCenter has a New sub-menu with 12 items in it. The first six items, in the first section, are the same items that are in the left column of StartCenter.

Here are the items in sections 2-4:

Section 2

  • HTML Document

  • XML Form Document

Section 3

  • Labels

  • Business Cards

Section 4

  • Master Document

  • Templates

Highlight the New sub-menu. Then click the desired item. The new document will launch in a new document window.


New icon and arrow

The main toolbar for several different user interfaces has a New icon with an associated arrow. Clicking the arrow reveals a list with the same items that are in the New sub-menu in File.

The icon in the red square is for creating a spreadsheet, though the document is a Writer text document. It was changed because the user previously clicked the arrow and selected Spreadsheet.

The New icon will typically create the same type of document that you are working in. The New icon in a Writer document will be for creating a new Writer document by default.

The icon will change if you click the arrow and create another type of document.

For example, if the arrow is clicked in a Writer text document, and a spreadsheet is selected from the list, the icon in the Writer document would change to a spreadsheet. The next time it is clicked, another spreadsheet would be created.


The keystrokes are as follows. Click them on your keyboard.

  • Linux and Windows users: Ctrl + N

  • Mac: Command key + N

NOTE: Pressing these keys in StartCenter will always launch a new Writer text document.

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