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About OS-College

OS-College focuses on tutorials about software that works equally well on Windows, MacOS, and various Linux operating systems. Software includes office suites, photo editing applications, and video editors.  In addition to cross-platform applications, there is also tutorials about several different desktop Linux operating systems.

Videos, Web pages, articles, and social media posts will be the delivery formats for the tutorials. Free videos will be posted on the Website, YouTube, Facebook, and MeWe. There also will be videos for subscribers on the Website. Social media posts will be on Facebook, MeWe, and X.

Applications and operating systems

Office suites

  • Microsoft (Windows, Mac OS, and Online)

  • LibreOffice

  • Google office

  • OnlyOffice

Office suites are used by everyone - business professionals, students, members of volunteer organizations. They write letters, organize information in spreadsheets, and use slides to augment presentations. Microsoft Office is the most popular, and it is the standard other office suites compare themselves to. This is why OS-College has tutorials about it and the different versions it comes in.

The alternatives to Microsoft Office, that OS-College teaches, are excellent applications and each one has some features that are absent in Office. They can either be accessed through a Web browser or there are specific versions for each one that works on Window, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Photo and video editors

  • Gimp

  • Corel AfterShot Pro

  • OpenShot

  • Kdenlive

Photo and video editors are applications most everyone should be in need of, since most smart phones have the ability to shoot both, and there are easy and free ways to publish both on the Web. The applications covered by OS-College all work equally well on Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux operating systems. Most are also open source. The only exception is Corel AfterShot Pro.

Other applications

  • Balena Etcher

  • Inkscape

  • Thunderbird

A few of the applications in the other category are for tasks that most people perform from time-to-time. Etcher, for example, places an operating system on a USB stick, so it can be used to boot a computer. Some people also like to use one application to handle all their email addresses. Thunderbird does this. These are the types of applications that people in all walks of life typically use, but they are not as commonly used as those in the other lists.

Linux distros


Ubuntu is the most popular desktop Linux operating system. All of the computer manufacturers that create machines with a Linux operating system preinstalled offer it as a choice or the sole system.It is also the operating system that many operating systems are based on, so it has more documentation than other Linux systems.

Linux Mint

This is one of the most used and easy-to-use operating systems. It's primary user interface is Cinnamon, which gives it a look and feel similar to Windows. The organization behind it offer other user interfaces, however. It can easily be installed on most computers created in the past 15 years.

Zorin OS

Zorin offers a few versions. All of them have several different user interfaces that can be switched with a few clicks. The professional version, which needs to be purchased, has the most user interfaces, and it comes preinstalled with several design applications, such as Gimp and Kdenlive.


Fedora is a project of Red Hat Inc. It is one of the foundational desktop Linux operating systems, and it works on many laptops made in the past 15 years. There is even versions that works on Mac PowerPC computers and ARM-based computers, such as Raspberry Pi. It is not based on Ubuntu, and it uses the RPM package manager.


Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, not Ubuntu. It has become one of the most popular Linux distros. Several manufacturers preinstall it on desktops and laptops they ship to customers. The company behind the operating system has designed versions to work on specific ARM-based systems, such as a Pinebook Pro. There also are general versions that will work on most Intel systems.

Other Linux distros

OS-College has information about several other desktop Linux operating systems that work well on low-powered, older computers. They include LXLE and Bodhi Linux.

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