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Learn about software that works equally well on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

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links below are to the major sections of OS-College. They include different office suites, operating systems, and other applications

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"OS" is OS-College can stand for several different things. It can mean office suite, operating system, other software, and open source. The Website is dedicated to teaching others about office applications, as well as other software, that works equally well on multiple operating systems. Open-source applications often run on different systems equally well.

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LibreOffice Writer

Users can use Writer to write a simple letter to creating a complex book with graphs, images, and diagrams. It is a flexible application that can create a variety of documents.

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LibreOffice Calc

The spreadsheet is easy to use for beginners, who simply want to line numbers up in categories, and a tool that data crunchers will find useful, as well as easy to use.

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LibreOffice Impress

Creating compelling presentations has never been easier with this robust application that shows you different views, such as Outline, Notes, and Handouts.

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OnlyOffice text editor

The word processor  allows Linux users to collaborate  with Windows and Mac OS users. The application is advanced enough to create documents, such as books with diagrams and graphics. The user interface is similar to Microsoft Word.

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OnlyOffice spreadsheet

With capabilities to  insert complex financial formulas, pivot tables, and graphs, the spreadsheet application is a great tool for number crunchers from a variety of backgrounds, and they can collaborate with other number crunchers on various platforms

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OnlyOffice presentation

The application offers great tools to create dynamic presentations that can be created and shown on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and a variety of Linux distros. It also has a Web version that can be accesed through a browser.

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SoftMaker Office

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Google office

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MS Office Online

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Other apps

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At OS-College, we’re confident in our ability to provide effective and educational videos in several subjects and for various levels. Our quality material - curated and carefully prepared by experts - has achieved great results in the past. Browse our collection and start streaming your way toward greater knowledge today.

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