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Shut Down Linux Mint

Turning off Linux Mint can be done through the menu or by pressing the power button. This page explains how to use the dialog where the shut down button is located and how to set your computer, so it shuts down immediately when you press your computer's power button.


Through the menu

Step 1: Click the LM menu

This is located at the bottom left of the screen. This is in the taskbar. Clicking it launches a menu that gives you access to all of the applications that are installed on Linux Mint and all of its settings.

Step 2: Click the Quit button

The quit button is the red button in the bottom, left of the menu. Clicking it launches a Sessions dialog with four choices:

  • Suspend: Clicking this puts your computer to sleep. Pressing the power button wakes it. Then you will need to login.

  • Restart: Clicking this powers your down. After it does this, it will power on again. 

  • Cancel: Clicking this closes the dialog, and allows you to continue using your computer.

  • Shut Down: This powers down your computer.

Step 3: Click Shut Down

As mentioned in the previous step, it is the fourth item in the Sessions dialog that appears


Pressing power button

Pressing the power button will launch the Session dialog pictured above. If this doesn't happen, however, follow the below steps to set up the power button to do this.


Step 1: Click the LM menu

The menu is located in the bottom, left of the screen, in the taskbar. This launches a menu that gives you access to all the applications installed on Linux Mint and all the settings.

Step 2: Highlight Preferences

Highlighting this will display a sub-menu to the right of it. By default, All applications will be selected, but Preferences might be easier to scroll through.

Step 3: Scroll to Power Management and click it

The choices in this sub-menu are in alphabetical order. As an alternative to scrolling, you also can type Power Management in the search bar at the top of the menu.


Step 4: Click the Power tab

This is the first tab in the Power Management dialog that launched when you clicked the Power Management icon in the menu. It may already be selected.

Step 5: Choose from Extra options menu

The first menu in the Extra options section, "When the power button is pressed", has several choices. The two that will power the computer down are "Shut down immediately" and "Ask." Ask will launch the Sessions menu, discussed earlier on this page. Shut down immediately will power the computer down when the power button is pressed.

Step 6: Close dialog and press power button

If you selected Ask, the Sessions dialog will appear with its four options. If you  selected, Shut down immediately, your computer will power down.

The other choices

The previous section covered Shut down immediately and Ask in the When the power button is pressed in the Power Management dialog. This section explains the three other choices in that menu.

Do nothing

This is obvious. It deactivates the power button when the computer is on. The button can only be used to turn the computer on.


This puts your computer to sleep. Pressing the power button again wakes it. Then you will need to log in to your account.

Lock Screen

This will cause the power button to log out of your account when it is impressed. You will have to log back in.

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