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OpenShot is an easy-to-use video editor that works equally well on Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux distros. There are also portable versions for Windows and Linux distros.

The editor is both powerful and easy to use, with a clean user interface. Add video clips, images, and audio clips in various formats to compose video projects. Then export the project in a variety of common video formats, such as MP4.

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These five or six menus (six for Mac users) give access to all the controls and settings for OpenShot, as well as access to information about the application.


The sidebar contains all the media that has been imported to the project: video clips, images, and audio recordings. It also has tabs for transitions and effects.

Top toolbar

New Project, Save Project, Undo and Redo are a few of the icons in this menu that shows above the Preview of what is in the Timeline.

Bottom toolbar

This toolbar has the timeline and controls and settings for the timeline. The property sidebar is also covered in this section.

Other Pages

This lists other OpenShot pages on Os-College, links to pages about other applications, and links to pages about various Linux distros.



Saving a project, opening a project, choosing files and importing media are all items are in this menu.

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Undo, Redo, Clear History and Preferences are part of this menu. For Mac users, Preferences are in the OpenShot menu, which is unique to Mac OS.


This gives access to the Title and Animated Title dialogs. The Blender app is required for Animated titles to be installed.

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Playing on Tablet


This menu has items for viewing and hiding the top toolbar, going full-screen, or it has access to several views.


Access tutorials, report a bug, and learn more about the application can be accessed through this menu.

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Top Toolbar

Media Files

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Video Preview

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Bottom Toolbar

This section covers the timeline, properties pane, and the toolbar for the timeline.


The timeline contains all the media that are part of the video project. Media farthest to the left on the timeline will be played before media to the right of that media. There are several tracks that allows you to arrange media in the order you want it played.

Each track also has a menu that appears when it is right-clicked.

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Timeline toolbar

The tools above the timeline do various things to affect the media that is part of the timeline. There is also a slider to change the size of the toolbar.

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Properties Pane

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